December 2016

Wines and Vines at Swan Bay Farm …

The evolution of Swan Bay Farm has been gradual, but deliberately so. We’ve chosen to embrace the projects we undertake,

November 2016

The Ultimate in P2P – an afternoon with James Boag

The Ultimate in P2P - an afternoon with James Boag ... Since becoming a farmer’s wife in 2001 and owning

June 2016

How to Connect Kids with Nature …

How to Connect Kids with Nature … We are very fortunate to have Swan Bay Farm as our home

Why Winter is Beautiful…

Why Winter is Beautiful… I don’t remember a Winter quite as bitter and cold as this one. Having

May 2016


Resilience… Resilience is a word that has a broad application across our day-to-day life. Just as the plants

Home-Away-From-Home – Swan Bay Farm …

Home-Away-From-Home – Swan Bay Farm … For the first time, we recently opened our farm gates and welcomed the