So let me introduce myself…

Now this is strange. Writing a blog… who’s going to read it? What on earth should I write about? Who out there could possibly be interested?

Nevertheless, I’m here and writing. Please bear with me though – blogging was never part of the plan and, whilst I love writing, owning a blog seems a little foreign for my world.

Having said that, I’m always up for a challenge.

So what’s my theme? The niche? What is it that I have to offer that would generate any interest at all?

Well, I have a few loves. Let me list them:

  • Family – with my three boys and wonderful husband we make a great team!
  • Friendship – the friends that always make you feel good and you don’t have to be careful what you say to them.
  • Farm – I am very fortunate to own a farm down on the Bellarine Peninsula in Swan Bay, Victoria. With three boys and more than enough space, it’s become our sacred site.
  • Food – not just any food, but the real stuff. Food that grew somewhere local, tastes as it should and helps feed a farmer’s family.
  • Fun – life’s way to short to be taking it too seriously. We need to live well, live happily and live with love.


I also happen to have a passion for marathon and ultra marathon running (the further the better), business and creativity/design.

More particularly, I absolute love to create something from nothing and see it develop into something amazing!

So let’s consider this first blog officially “A bit about me”. It seems totally self-indulgent but I guess it’s necessary in order to find some common ground with anyone reading this amazing post!!

So stay tuned for some enlightening words from my good self. I’ll be writing about real food, good food, paddock to plate, teaching kids to embrace the good food philosophy (and maybe even growing your own vege garden) and our café in Balwyn, Melbourne called Scarvelli.After all, Scarvelli helped me to find the connection between everything that’s important in my world.

I look forward to sharing in a insightful and thought provoking journey with you. As a massive talker and very experienced communicator(!), please offer any thoughts or comments of your own anytime.

Yours in (good) food