Since Scarvelli Café opened its doors in 2013, it has been the darling of well-regarded reviews, foodies and enjoyed by the local community. As a local, Clare has succeeded in creating a community hub with a ‘coming home’ feel, where meetings can happen around delicious food and wine.

The Café also reflects Clare’s passion to “bring the country to the city”, heightening the awareness about the origins of our food.

Scarvelli uses fresh seasonal produce and grass fed free-range animals from Swan Bay Farm on the Bellarine Peninsula. Any produce not sourced from the Voitin’s farm is locally sourced and grown, thus supporting the ‘buy local, eat local’ philosophy that Clare is so passionate about.

Whilst the food is a strong focus with their seasonal menus, Scarvelli is also dedicated to its coffee. Within six months of operation, its boutique roasted brew was voted top 10 in Melbourne by the people’s-choice online forum Beanhunter.

Since then, Scarvelli has continued to grow and become the local ‘go-to’ hub – something that Clare was committed to bringing into her local community. The Scarvelli brand has become synonymous with social connection – both meeting those people that you know and getting to know new faces within the local community.

In other words, Scarvelli has achieved within the community what it set out to do – bringing people together and interact over the celebration of good food and wine.

Scarvelli isn’t seen as just another café popping up on the evergrowing Melbourne Café scene, but as a destination that people choose to frequent, because of its message and quality.

With a published book dedicated to Scarvelli’s Story, a family farm attached to the café,and a community Kitchen Garden almost complete, Scarvelli promises to continue evolving and bringing its story to the greater community of growing, harvesting and sustaining seasonal foods. Never one to stand still for long, Clare will, no doubt, achieve that goal.