Resilience is a word that has a broad application across our day-to-day life.
Just as the plants on our farm grow with a certain amount of resilience to the conditions they’re acclimatised to, we all grow and adapt to the conditions we encounter each day as we aim to tread softly on this earth.

As the weather has let us know over recent weeks, winter is certainly upon us.
Resilience is important during this time to maintain strong, robust health and a positive mindset. It brings to mind the foods that will warm, soothe and help ward off the usual suspects that winter brings with it.

At Scarvelli, we continue to source our seasonal produce so we can continue to create dishes that are fresh, flavoursome and fabulous. It is more important than ever, during these cold periods to ensure we maintain a healthy immune system in order to survive the winter perils, but remembering that food is also a celebration, a time to embrace family and friends and count our blessings.

At this time of year, we love turmeric, garlic, the greens and the colours in our foods. Cold weather doesn’t mean we need to compromise on the quality and range of ingredients available. Rather, we should take the opportunity to experiment a little with food, learn more about the benefits of these fresh ingredients and realise their true value for our health and wellbeing.

Cold spells are welcome when the slow roast lamb is ready to serve. It’s a traditionwe love to embrace. Taking the time to create a memory around food, rather than using food as a mere sustenance is what counts.